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Apr 17, 2019

Llewelyn Morgan of Oxfordshire County Council tells CLGdotTV’s Joe Tibbetts about iHub, the 24-strong innovation unit he leads that is 80% externally funded.

Most of this funding comes from sources like InnovateUK, Horizon2020 and the European Investment Bank: only four posts are currently funded by OCC to do core...

Apr 14, 2019

Stuart Lester of Transport for the West Midlands and Toby Bennett, Local Government Lead at Commonplace discuss how data is being used to manage the travelling public.

Transport for the West Midlands is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority which brings together Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Sollihull,...

Apr 13, 2019

Khadiza heard about apprenticeships at school and, unable to go to university for financial reasons, started at Camden aged 17. Two years later she has achieved level 4 in project management, working within the Economic Development Department.

Tahir became an apprentice more recently, after dropping out of university....

Jan 31, 2019

This wide ranging discussion provides an excellent primer for those vaguely aware of, for example, legalization in Canada and some states in the US, the row about medical use of cannabis, and reports of police services these days ‘turning a blind eye’.

The conversation covers:

  • Pros and cons of legalization
  • Why many...

Oct 10, 2018

As such he is Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for the Digital Health and Wellbeing Programme for the whole of Leeds, SRO for the 100% Digital Smart Cities Programme as well as providing overall leadership for Leeds City Council’s change programmes. Additionally he is accountable for Digital and Information strategy,...