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Jun 18, 2019

Dr David Greenfield asks materials designer Lucy Hughes and Richard MacCowan CEO Biomimicry UK all about design solutions that mimic the natural world.

Nature's solutions often are more elegant and less wasteful of energy and resource than human solutions.   ‘Biomimicry’ can offer a route to developing products, processes and structures that are less wasteful.

The creative process can also start (but doesn’t have to) by using natural materials already considered to be waste.

Lucy Hughes describes how her award-winning product uses the bits of fish normally discarded and algae to make a biodegradable, single use, plastic film, that can be used in wrapping food as well as for other packaging applications. 

The advantages are clear but as our panel points out, our systems of waste management may not be ready for such products and they could easily end up in non-compostable bin bags and routed into landfill.