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Sep 22, 2018

A combination of drivers is leading to a reduction in arrests for dealing cannabis among UK adult population. Arrests amongst young people, however, have risen dramatically. The effect of this is to criminalise a significant cohort of the next generation before they even get out of the starting blocks.

Over the last six years, there has been a 54% increase in the number of young people presenting at hospitals with cannabis related mental health problems. The total number of young people entering the hospital system with cannabis related mental health problems is twice that for adults. 

The cannabis available today is far stronger than it was, say, twenty years ago. And it continues to get stronger. But there are no plans to regulate the strength of cannabis for sale nor to force retailers (for that's what "dealers" are) to state the strenth of their product on the packaging. 

For our society this is a crisis in the making. For the young people on the streets and in hospital and their families it is a crisis that has already arrived. The scale of the human tragedy, the social and finacial costs, and the failures by successive governments to get to grips with this problem are totally unacceptable. 

Who should be held accountable and what are the remedies available to us? Will planned Government legislation to force social media companies to change their ways, due this autumn, have the desired effect. Can the police change their practices without more resources? Will the public health costs of this steadily worsening situation force this or some future UK government to change its policy on legalisation? Click the play button now.