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Sep 10, 2018

Andrew Greenaway is a self-confessed, Oxford trained, Whitehall polished bluffer. It's time, he says, to stop bluffing and promote those who know what's what.

Greenway studied PPE at Oxford. Oxford graduates in philosophy, politics and economics often end up in Westminster, Whitehall or the media. Studying three different subjects in three years, however, gives little opportunity to become expert or even well-versed in any subject. It does however train you how to bluff your way in the corridors of power.

As a skilled bluffer Greenway left university and became a management consultant. Within two years he had joined the Civil Service never having had a proper job. Six years later having paid brief visits to five different and largely unrelated Whitehall departments he became a "senior civil servant". He left Whitehall in 2014 and now works as a partner in Public Digital advising governments and large organisations around the world on institutional reform. 

Now Greenway has written a book "Bluffocracy" together with James Ball (PPE at Oxford now a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist) It's high time that government by bluffers came to an end says Greenway, giving a credible impression of someone who knows what he is talking about, and Brexit which will either be a crisis or feel so much like one that few will be able to tell the difference, presents the perfect opportunity to usher in a new era, an era where politicians and bureaucrats are valued for knowing what they are talking about rather than the panache with which they bluff.