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Nov 20, 2019

Jane Hancer (CC2i) and Damian Nolan (Halton BC) describe how a five-council collaboration supported by the LGA and match-funded NHS Digital will deliver via the Social Care Innovation Accelerator

In this discussion recorded in July, Jane Hancer describes the process of collaboration via CC2i that is being supported by other key players in the field of social care innovation.

The project is being undertaken in response to new legislation around the safeguarding of children and adults - Liberty Protection Safeguards – that councils will have to start implementing from October 2020 as a replacement to the current Deprivation of Liberty arrangements.

The conversation covers why the project is being undertaken, the process and timetable being followed by the five participating councils, and the benefits of a collaborative approach. Other councils will be able to share in the project findings from early 2020.