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Apr 28, 2020

Businesses made idle by closure of commercial premises are being enabled to support hard-pressed domestic collections  

A new matching platform has been set up by industry body CIWM to help bring in idle resources from commercial collections to support domestic collection services hit by high demand and a workforce depleted through sickness and self-isolation.

David Greenfield describes how the CIWM’s Waste Support platform came into being and discusses longer term impacts Covid-19 could have on England’s fragmented and - when comes to commercial waste - inefficient and unnecessarily polluting collection practices.

He talks about the current pressures on domestic waste collection services and reminds the public to be cautious about unlicensed operations who offer to remove household waste. Some of these may simply be flytipping – a criminal offence for which the households generating flytipped waste are liable as much as the contractor who took it away.