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Dec 10, 2018

As Head of Commissioning, Vulnerable Adults, for Essex County Council Rebecca Jarvis recognises that more needs to be done to prepare patients and their families for leaving hospital. Poor support can lead to deterioration in health and wellbeing and at worst, a return to hospital.

Amy Ricketts, a senior designer at FutureGov is leading a project with the Council to design the sort of support that might improve outcomes, including the holy grail of keeping people out of hospital.

This conversation takes a detailed look at the early stages of the project, including discovery work with patients and their families in hospital as well as with a range of project partners including an Essex hospital, the local CCG, and voluntary and community services.

It describes the way that patients and families are typically passive agents when it comes to discharge, and how the interactive digital tool now being tested could allow them to take more control leading to better, more sustainable outcomes. The tool works by suggesting different ways individuals can manage specific needs post-hospital and connecting them with the appropriate sources of support.