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Dec 9, 2018

Putting in the infrastructure for connectivity is today’s equivalent of the Victorians putting in sewers – you have to make the infrastructure investment to reap the rewards - says Roy Grant, who is Head of Super Connected Cities & Digital Innovation, City of York.

STEP, the City’s Department for Transport funded smart transport programme, is the first city-wide development built on the fibre network. As York has ‘run out of tarmac’, the historic city needs tech solutions to solve problems of congestion and poor air quality

These will require engaging residents, visitors and businesses in projects that will encourage behaviour change, impacting when people travel and how they choose to do it.

Over the coming months, CLGdotTV will be broadcasting a number of programmes about different aspects of York’s smart city programme.

On 6 February Roy Grant will chair Health & Well Being - The Caring Home a panel programme in ‘Audience with GLGdotTV No4 This Smart Life' talking about social care developments enabled by the fibre network. One of these is fitting IOT sensors to dwellings, bringing many potential improvements for residents, while also making it less expensive for local authorities, social landlords, and health and social care organisations to deliver their services.