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Aug 28, 2018

Dave Briggs is well known to anyone working in the local digital space, especially regular attendees at the Govcamps and Localgovcamps in which he has been a prime mover.

Currently working in an interim role at Reading Council, Dave is also a member of the steering group at LocalGov Digital. He has long and varied experience in local and central government, starting out in communications and policy, rather than digital or IT. His newsletter Digital Digest is the latest of many contributions he has made to the development of thinking around councils' transformation through application of digital technologies.

In this podcast, the approaches of two councils acknowledged as digital leaders are discussed. Another thing Adur & Worthing and Hackney councils have in common is a commitment to share what they are doing for the benefit of others. That provided the staring point for the conversation via a blog from Adur & Wothing’s Paul Brewer and a committee paper prepared by Hackney’s Rob Miller.