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Oct 9, 2019

The proportion of over 65s and 85s in Shropshire is growing faster than in most parts of the UK and that concentrates the mind, says Andy Begley in this discussion recorded at the recent Tech 7 event in Shrewsbury.

Provision for older people cannot be sorted by the social care department working alone, and in any case, says Mark Barrow, whose remit covers local economic development, decisions about roads, housing and other infrastructure have significant impacts on the quality and sustainability of life for over 65s. This will in turn impact their future demand on local health and care services.

This thinking is driving work by the council – including ‘The Bridge’ an immersive and interactive data visualisation initiative - to make better use of their vast access to data about the location and condition of people and assets, for prediction and planning purposes.

When data is layered together to present rich information, colleagues really engage, says Andy Begley, and ‘can start to see solutions’. The realtionship with providers also changes when data is visualised and shared: the council stops simply acting as a commissioner and can start having conversations with the market about how problems can be solved together.