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Feb 11, 2020

Helena Zaum describes work by Microsoft and other partners to support Manchester City Council’s vision of tech-enabled care within an integrated system.

‘We made the point really early on that it’s important to think about technology enabled care in the context of the other data that the council - and indeed other agencies and care providers and other parts of the system - hold about individuals and services’ says Zaum, who is Microsoft’s UK lead for social care.

In this interview she reiterates the often-made observation that getting to share such data is not a big problem from a technical standpoint, it is arriving at data-sharing agreements between the different parties in the system that is the difficult bit.

The business of getting into the predictive world, and really starting to embrace AI for the benefits of care users, brings with it the additional requirement to think ‘very deeply’ about the ethics of AI and issues around privacy, transparency, and accountability.