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Oct 2, 2018

The sector’s champions have pointed out that unless the (poorly understood) social care system is properly funded the (much worshiped) NHS will continue to struggle to meet demand.

Focusing on the threat to the NHS might just prise out more funds for Social Care.

But many of our best thinkers and practitioners are already looking (and acting) way beyond the short term solution of propping up our disjointed, dysfunctional, not fit for purposed-for-our-current-demographic, system.

An Audience With CLGdotTV No.3  on the future of Social Care (Central London - 23rd October will bring some of these radical thinkers and leaders together to make six CLGdotTV programmes with added value from a live, lively and informed studio audience.

  • Integrating health & social care: news from Leeds
  • Essex County Council: interventions to accelerate hospital discharge
  • Supporting our fragile care provider market
  • Outcomes based commissioning: a truly user-focused approach
  • The Government Green Paper
  • The digital opportunity: doing different things, not the same things differently

The programmes available simultaneously as dotTV programmes and as podcasts and including the contributions from our expert studio audience will be available on CLGdotTV from 24th October onwards.

Contact Ben Webber for more information.