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Oct 23, 2019

The Bridge - Shropshire Council’s immersive approach to presenting local data - is set to transform council and NHS commissioning

The Bridge (as in ‘the view from’) is an approach to the presentation of data developed in house at Shropshire Council that enables managers to make better use of information they have access to but may fail to take into account in decision-making.

As Andy Begley, Director of Adults and Housing at the Council explains in this programme, The Bridge provides an immersive experience that engages elected members, service managers, council partners and commercial suppliers, enabling them to see ‘the obvious’ in a way that spreadsheets don’t.

The Bridge is supporting close collaboration with the local NHS, according to Julie Davies, Director of Performance and Delivery at Shropshire CCG, who describes the project as ‘hugely exciting’.

The in-house developed project requires people to step inside a space and see a 360° display that may include data layered onto maps, images and walkthroughs of buildings, graphs and charts. A key factor driving engagement is that people leave their laptops outside, says Emma Murdock, whose team manages the data and presentations that drive the project.