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Jun 25, 2018

Given the scale and pain of the changes that the public sector is currently going through it is no surprise that we are obsessed with leadership, improving the leaders we already have and training up a new generation of leaders fit for purpose.
Here three women talk about women and leadership in the public sector. When I spoke to Gisela Stuart she was still an MP ( Labour Birmingham-Edgbaston) shortly before she stepped down. Stuart was born and raised in West Germany, has lived in the UK since 1974 and is now chair of Change Britain which was formerly known as Vote Leave.
Professor Catherine Staite is Professor of Public Management and Director of Public Service Reform at InLoGov the Institute of Local Government Studies, University of Birmingham. Professor Staite is a leading academic in her field but as a noted leader and a woman working in the public sector and a mother of five her opinions are all the more telling for being underpinned by personal experience.
When I spoke to Lauren Lucas at CLG Live 2017 (An Audience with CLGdotTV 2017) she was Head of Projects at the Local Government Information Unit. Lucas remains an associate of the LGiU but now she has branched out into freelance research and consultancy with a special interest in housing, adult social care and cultural policy